The women who grew up with fashion

Fashion has always been about women. With the development of the times, the relationship between women and fashion has gradually become more diverse and richer, and riding on the waves of change in the industry, their voices in different roles are gradually being heard.

On the occasion of Shanghai Fashion Week, the first “Her Power Fashion Dialogue” was held at the Fosun Art Centre, titled “Shimmer and Shine”. The conversation featured model Liu Wen, tennis player Li Na, Fosun Foundation and Fosun Art Centre Chairman Wang Jinyuan, French independent artist Wen Fang, Christie’s China Chairman Yang Yuanchao, NEIWAI Inside and Out brand founder Liu Xiaolu, Guanxia co-founder Shen Li and ANOTA brand founder Pu Yiliu as guests to share their shimmering moments from their unique perspectives.

During the panel discussion, the guests not only shared their stories of using the power of “micro” to leverage big meaning, but also talked about their own perceptions and thoughts on women, work, and life. In the “Her Story” panel, Christie’s China Chairman Yang Yuanchao took the discussion on “personal values” as a starting point, leading the audience to consider the more important spiritual power.

Fashion for the People

From planning the “Fashion Weekend” for Shanghai Fashion Week in 2017, proposing “Fashion for the People” and starting the Women’s Power Forum, to forming a relationship with the organization “Spiritual and Beautiful” and starting the Little Grass From the launch of the “Fashion for the People” and the launch of the Women’s Power Forum to her association with the organization “Spirit and Beauty” and the launch of the Little Grass Art Camp, Ms. Yang Yuancao has used her own “ember” to transmit her knowledge of art, and has been given back even more energy in the process. After a long period of practice and insight, she interpreted the power of “micro” as follows – “The key to strength and weakness lies in the subjective efforts and aspirations of people.”

Finally, Ms. Yang also shared how she balances work and family life on a daily basis from the perspective of a mother. She said that women who are able to work for their families and work are “independent women” who are doing their best. Every woman who is a bit ‘dark’ because of her family life should be seen and heard, and they need equal work opportunities, family and social support, and more trust.

The women who grew up with fashion