Recently, WallpaperSTORE, the world’s first physical store created by the well-known design magazine “Volume Wallpaper“, has started trial operation in Shanghai Jing’an Kerry Center. According to Fashion Without Borders, the store brings together the functions of store, exhibition and coffee into one, and will be officially unveiled through 1 month of testing after display and goods adjustment.

The first WallpaperSTORE* store in the world was designed by Naizo Architects and occupies an area of nearly 200 square meters, positioning it as a “high-traffic urban design theme scene on West Nanjing Road”.

Consumers enter the retail area through an aisle of seating products, past a coffee bar in collaboration with barista. The store focuses on home furnishings and furniture categories, and brings together original designs from emerging designers from home and abroad.

The store is surrounded by an orderly display of design works in different categories, with not only the introduction of brands and products but also information about the designers and interactive guidelines for the experience beside each product. The middle area of the store is reserved for activities. It is more like an exploration of cutting-edge design works than the traditional shopping and shopping.

Wallpaper* was founded in 1996 in London, England, with the vision of “changing the world with design”, discovering and presenting excellent designs from around the world, and its content types include but not limited to: fashion, travel, architecture, design, and food. In 2017, the magazine entered into a partnership with Lifelike Media Group to launch “Wallpaper*”, which aims to promote the process of Chinese design by focusing on and reporting excellent design content.

The decision to open an offline brick-and-mortar store for Volumes Wallpaper* (henceforth: Volumes) was not a surprising one. As a media outlet that has long been active online and in publications, Wallpaper needed an offline space to showcase designs, connect with designers, and build a closer relationship with readers.

In 2015, Volume launched WallpaperSTORE* to create a full category online store by integrating media resources and strengths. The content continues the brand’s curatorial and narrative mindset, promoting individual products while also sharing with readers more inspiration around design.

It is reported that after the launch of this curation, WallpaperSTORE* has tapped more than 350 niche design brands around the world, covering categories such as lifestyle products, technology, and travel products. It not only brings readers a richer choice, but also provides a broader platform for the hardworking “design lights” to showcase.

In the past six years, WallpaperSTORE* has opened flash stores of different types and themes in Milan (Italy), Beirut (Lebanon), Cape Town (South Africa), Venice (Italy), Copenhagen (Denmark) and other active design cities around the world, and planned “Dream Link” in conjunction with local furniture shows, design weeks and other industry events, presenting a stage for cutting-edge and outstanding design works, and opening up in-depth discussions about design with readers in different cities.

This time, the first offline store of WallpaperSTORE* was launched together with Jing’An Design Week, which was jointly planned by Wallpaper* magazine and Jing’an Kerry Center. The space focuses on the finalists of the first Wallpaper* Design Award, the winning entries of the Award’s Hot Picks, and the design-themed installations created by the Wallpaper team.